Thursday, December 22, 2011



Should old acquaintance be forgot
Another year has gone to pot
Not in the way you think it would
In some ways bad while most were good

The quake of ’89 it shocked us
For those in town it rolled and rocked us
The cabin trip we took up north
As whale watchers we ventured forth

John and Sarah are now engaged
As Mrs. Caine she’ll soon be paged
This Christmas time is newly past
We’re back to work and warmth at last

Already we look forward to
The Forty-Niners champs anew
That party on the twenty-second
Into the streets our stomachs beckoned

Ascrawl with magic markers black
We "shuffled" up the block and back
Peter flew plane trips: so often, so many
Holly cabbed it didn’t cost here a penny

Our gal Marinaro moved to Italy to look
For a man who wants babies, a maid, and a cook
Cindy Gordon down south, still giving it a whirl
She’s living with, sleeping with, loving a girl

From Steve we learned the facts of life
That Sunday brunch was filled with strife
With quantum leaps the concepts dazed us
His strength and courage soon amazed us

He’s gone, he’s loved, forgotten not
Kuleto’s still his favorite spot
The place where Carrie spilled her guts
For liking her she thinks we’re nuts

Lori’s party on baker beach
At thirty-one she’s still a peach
Ms. Pearls, Postrio, Kokomo at Bix
Take Karen Mae’s picture she screams and kicks

Gospel in the grove we sang
Peace on Earth the message rang
Love thy neighbor!  Save the whale!
Elephant ivory can land you in jail

If the Amazon it reigned supreme
The 90’s now will make that seem
One single leaf on the worldly tree
As man strives to mend earth pure and free

Johnnie cakes, jerked food, Jamaican stew
The year ahead is fresh and new
Some are silver the others gold
We sit as friends and eat green mold


should old acquaintance be forgot
it seems pete’s writing poems a lot
you see some take a year to pen
no most a week and then again
Maybe not.

so let’s look back on days gone by
remember all try not to cry
cast back to big sur days rejoice
at night the chainsaw’s evil voice
Is nigh.

all up and down the coast a far
three big white kids in a bright white car
inside the trunk holly locked the keys
we headed south oh svengaard please
Where’s the bar?

san diego heard burps 31 more or less
with lori and danny oh god what a mess
our canoe across morrow bay rippled with critters
the del’s golden sand combat boy gives me jitters
More coastal excess.

back at home our karen mae
a job a cat at home will stay
to love it pet it teach it right
if the building sells stay out of sight
Whisher OK?

to hayes street brian moved
his house by himmelberg’s improved
the maps and blackboard seem just right
as long as jim don’t spend the night
They grooved.

still friend for life it’s fate great scott
good fun good food we fight a lot
for ’91 let’s true remain
like family though at times a pain
It’s not.


‘Twas the evening on Christmas and all round the table,
Pete has gotten their attention with another poem slash fable.
A fine dinner’s been served.  My how grandly it was styled.
Perhaps Holly could be the next Julia Child?

She commutes north to Oakville, a cup of coffee on her lap,
Filled with visions of huckleberries in that Italian death trap.
Her mama Jo and the camera we all missed at Thanksgiving,
But she flew in last Sunday.  Down in Florida she’s living.

A long year of changes this one’s been for us all.
Raise you glass way up high and shout, “1993: Last Call!”
Yet with just one more week ‘fore the New Year arrives,
Fate could deal one last hand; really shake up our lives.

Perhaps Brian and Pete could squeeze in one last job,
As long as it isn’t with Joseph: that snob.
Maybe Michael could drive one more boss set of wheels.
He’s now part of the gang; adds more salt to our meals.

I’m sure Red on the Head would just love a vacation,
But she’s gotta make sure that they clean the bread station.
“Maybe if Hell freezes over,” says Pete,
"Will she get that Bitch Ms. Michael Bauer a seat!"

Mark…Where is Mark?  He’s arrived by now, surely?
In bed!  I wish he didn’t have to get up so damn early.
And could it be that our friend Karen Mae and her pet,
Will, I don’t know, do something.  She could surprise us yet.

With some luck John and Sarah (now with Sam, he’s so cute),
Could show up and tell us their pregnant to boot!
Only six more days left to do something else new.
Perhaps from Christine and Danny we could all catch the flu.

But mostly I know that before this year ends,
I still have some time to thank God for my friends.
So now let me exclaim, as I take one last bite:
“Merry Christmas to all.  I gotta go catch a flight.”

Season's Greetings
Happy Holidays
Merry Christmas
and all the best in 2012!

Peter J. Palmer